Inspiring Mothers Part 1: Tatiana Londono, The Baddest of them all

Posted on 13 May 2018

Every year, in celebration of Mother’s day, we carefully chose to highlight an inspiring mother around us that embodies what ELAMA stands for, Women Empowerment! #empowerwithstyle

When you wear an ELAMA piece, you never blend it, you definitely stand out and that’s how we chose the Mothers we are celebrating this year.

Introducing our first inspiring mother who does it all and always looks flawless doing it, the Real Estate empress, Tatiana Londono.

Mother, Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Broker, she’s one of the baddest women you will meet and isn’t afraid to shine through all her facets. 

When we asked her what’s the one thing you want your daughter to always remember she answered without a doubt ‘ I want her to always remember that she can do anything she wants, to always go for it and that she should never ever be afraid!’

We set up a fun day of shooting and styling with Tatiana and her daughter Sasha in collaborating with Montagne Boutique and we could feel the great energy that these two share, they were so easy going, smiling through the whole day and really giving us mother/daughter #goals!

Sasha is wearing the Alexa Pink Fur Stole

When Tatiana talks to us about her daughter, we can feel the pride in her voice. As her first born, she says she’s taken the best of her father, the best of her mother, she’s a straight-A student. Everything Tatiana does, she wants it to be for her kids so they can have any opportunity they want in life.

Sasha is wearing the Bella Mongolian Lamb white vest

Tatiana feels empowered every day because she feels like now more than ever, we are fully in charge of our destiny. Whether we want to become a public figure, an inspiring coach, have our own show, we can now do so without waiting for a production company to give us a chance, we can leverage social media & Youtube to become that famous person we want to be!

It’s never been more true! You can to set up your own shoots and communicate your brand through images, you can do so with Social Media and the power is now in our hands to become the person you want to be. We no longer have to wait for someone to give us our breakthrough moment, to give us a chance to be in front of a public, we can give that chance to ourselves and create our own audience.

This is another way women can feel more empowered than ever!

Tatiana hasn’t stopped at her social media to tell her story, she’s recently launched a book Real Estate Unfiltered: How to Become a Real Estate High Roller to share her secrets about becoming a High Roller.

She calls it a Labor of Love because she’s put so much love into it. She recalls writing this book while away in Greece, her husband was asleep but even on vacation, she couldn’t stop thinking about her book and was writing it to make sure to give those Dreamers, everything she’s learned!
The more we get to know her, the more you feel that positive energy and the strength she projects.
When asked who her inspiration is, she said without a doubt OPRAH! With everything she has gone through, she’s made history on so many levels and has created an empire of her own, if Oprah was able to overcome all her struggle, to be who she is now, then anyone can!
Photos Credits TIME
We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Tatiana & Sasha, for spending time with us and sharing your beautiful inspiring stories.
We feel honored to be surrounded by strong women we can count on.
Styling: Montagne 
Fur: Maison ELAMA
Photo credits: Monique Weston
Makeup & Hair: Gabbie McGuire

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