Mother's Day Photoshoot-Part 1

Posted on 05 May 2017

Mother's are a special breed of people. They lift us up, show us the beauty in life and always love whole-heartly!

To celebrate these special ladies, we're dedicating the month of May to mother's that inspire us in various ways. Mother's day is right around the corner so let us introduce to these Hot Mamas!

We've started a tradition of offering mothers and their daughter a fun day of photoshoot, getting pampering and spending quality time with their daughter as our Mother's Day Gift from ELAMA.

Our first Mother/daughter duo is Debbie Zakaib and her daughter Daphnée Taillefer.

In this first photo, Daphnée is wearing the Venice vest and Debbie is wearing the new Abbey Coat available this fall.

Debbie is executive director of MMode, an association that gathers all Quebec players of the Fashion industry under one roof to improve the competitiveness of Quebec's fashion industry and to contribute to its growth.

She has a lot on her plates and somehow always looks effortless while running the show! And you should really see her present, she blows everyone's mind when she takes the stage!

Debbie is rocking this one of a kind Lynx coat, available on custom orders only.

What inspires us most about Debbie is her strength! We all have different battles to fight but she's had one that cannot be imagined but she's keeping her family together, showing her love and really creating such a beautiful, special bond with her daughter.

The bond she has with her daughter is more than adorable! Working in the Fashion Industry you see she has impeccable taste and her daughter is definitely showing her fashion sense at her young age.

Daphnée, should we call her La Poupée?! Not only does she really look like a doll, her inner beauty shines with her every move and her genuine love of life!

We believe a star is born but we'll let you be the judge, you won't think otherwise!

In the first photo, Daphnée is wearing the Ria Vest in red and the black fox shoe pompom clips.

We had such a blast shooting with Debbie & Daphnée, during these moments we got to spend time with two beautiful souls and we have even created a bond with them that has made us fall in love with them. Un coup de coeur quoi!

Merci encore Debbie & Daphnée, on vous aime fort!

Special Thanks for the lovely team behind this shoot, Gabbie McGuire doing hair & makeup and photo credits to Mariya Georgieva

Now go give a big kiss to your mama! For Mother's day and every other day <3

P.S. We are hosting a Mother's Day Celebration at the Ritz Carlton Residences on Wednesday May 10th from 12-6pm. RSVP for details to

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