Mother's day Photoshoot Part 2

Posted on 13 May 2017

Meet Katia Piccolino, our next inspiring mother we are celebrating this year!

Katia in her beautiful home with her son & daughter, Giovanni & Rosalie Campanella

Katia Piccolino is Public Relations & Sponsorship Director at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. She has this Midas touch that turns everything to gold. Everything is ALWAYS possible for this lady and doesn't stop until it's done flawlessly. And if her plate isn't full already, she alongside her GM & dream team is behind producing THE Party of the Year, the Grand Prix at the Ritz Carlton. She does so much more for our city and doesn't even know it! 

Katia is dancing in a princess cut remodelled Mink coat with flower lining

Katia is one of the most incredible people we have met along this journey! As soon as we met her, she was just looking for a way to help us and connect us to the right people without us even asking! She doesn't know it but we call her our ELAMA Fairy Godmother!

Katia is wearing the Ria white vest.

She's the kind of person who runs the show and creates so many opportunities around her just by being herself! Her positive energy is so contagious and you feel lifted after spending just a few minutes with her. Her eyes engage you & her passion just flows out of her.

Being part of the executive team at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, we ask her what is luxury to her and her simple answer was "Humble is the new luxury!"

"No matter who your meeting or what your doing, being humble & kind and working with integrity  and being loyal , working with heart is the most important trait you can ever have."We couldn't agree more! 



















She always says that at the end of the day, no matter where she is and the kind of high-profile event she's hosting, what matters most to her is being a mom, coming home to help her kids with homework and being there for her whole family. 

We got the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Rosalie and Gianna, Katia's niece, while they were having a play date . We witnessed first hand how Saturday's are rock n' roll for Katia with activities , door bell ringing , friends and family popping in, preparing to host friends, cooking  - she is a whirlwind of fire getting it all done . She does with class and a glass of bubbly all the while in company of her sister in law Lilly .

Rosalie is a sweetheart! She welcomed us into her home right away and looking at her beautiful face, you feel a sense of peace and purity when you stare in her eyes . Gianna and her share such a beautiful relationship where they are more like sisters than cousins, a bond that is irreplaceable. 

We believe that this is the influence of their mothers that keep their families so close because for Katia her family comes before everything and we can see that in everything she does! You can see Katia's fire in her, raising her to be strong and confident.


Such an inspiring day with this beautiful lady! Thanks again Katia, Rosalie &Giovanni for welcoming us into your home and showing us how you can balance career and family . She does it flawlessly.

Photo credits to Perry Pellechia @99cliks & Makeup artist Jasmine Borges

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