Redesign, storage & cleaning of your fur coat

Fur is the diamond of the textiles, it can be passed on from generation to generation and always be treasured with the memorable moments it was part of.

Wearing fur was a sign of elegance in our family and we always remembered during the holidays when the ladies in our family would hang their fur coats, we couldn’t wait to go in and try them on, feel them, lie down on them and dream of the day we would own our very own.

Redesigning our mother’s fur coats was so much fun, we always loved to make our own version of them to wear them to work as well as on the weekend.

We treasure your fur coat like it was our own. It's time to bring it out of the closet to modernize it and wear it proudly!

Here's a before photo of a raccoon fur coat we have redesigned.

                         BEFORE                                             AFTER


We sheared it, dyed it and added a fox collar and cuffs to it and now here's the after.

Yes, believe it, it looked like that before!

Storing & cleaning your fur

Because we want you to keep your fur for over 10 years like did our parents and still be able to redesign it afterwards, we highly suggest storing your fur at favorable temperature and humidity. Home air conditioning is often too humid. You need constant 50˚F (10 C) and 50% humidity to maintain the proper moisture levels in your furs

We take care of that for you!

At the end of the winter season, we come pick up your fur coat, insure it, keep it in a refrigerated storage during the warm months,  stored in climate controlled, cold vaults, we clean it and deliver it back to you at the end of summer so you can wear your beautiful fur pieces all through fall and winter and for many years to come!

Take an appointment with us to redesign your coat in our atelier in Montreal:

9250 Parc ave suite 202, Montreal, Qc, H2N 1Z2