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Customer Testimonials

"My new Elama beaver coat with its unique colour block design will keep me warm and create a element of surprise during the cold winter months."

 "The Elama Furs empower me to express my strong passion for fashion as a business woman."

"Wearing the Leila collar gives me the warmth of having an old friend by my side around my neck "

"I was shopping with my daughter one Saturday and was stopped at least 10 times by people admiring my vest - asking where I bought it.  Both men and women! One lady yelled 'excuse me' across a department store to stop me so she could ask.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it." 

"I get stopped persistently when I'm  wearing  it - from both men and women.  I would absolutely refer friends and family. "

"Wearing Elama instantly makes me feel sophisticated and confident. "

"For each special event in my life, I indulged in one of their stunning hand crafted works, each new piece more beautiful and unique than the last."

"For my wedding I had the privilege of wearing an elegant vibrant green fox fur collar that quickly became the talking point of my wedding day ensemble. It added the perfect touch of sophistication and elegance and created stunning memories in pictures."

"Elama has made designs that make my special moments and my everyday more luxurious."