• Entrepreneur Grant received from Fondation Montreal Inc

    Posted on July 24 2017

    We are beyond thankful to Fondation Montréal Inc who believed in us and has awarded ELAMA the Innovation & Entrepreneurial Grant in June 2017. We were selected among many successful...

    Posted on May 23 2017

    ELAMA FUR HOME DECOR Because fur is so elegant, it makes a beautiful home decor item to add a touch of chic to your home decor.  We can create a beautiful Mink...
  • Mother's day Photoshoot Part 2

    Posted on May 13 2017

    Meet Katia Piccolino, our next inspiring mother we are celebrating this year! Katia in her beautiful home with her son & daughter, Giovanni & Rosalie Campanella Katia Piccolino is Public...
  • Mother's Day Photoshoot-Part 1

    Posted on May 05 2017

    Mother's are a special breed of people. They lift us up, show us the beauty in life and always love whole-heartly! To celebrate these special ladies, we're dedicating the month of...
  • Professional Storage & Insurance

    Posted on March 30 2017

    As the weather is heating up, we have been thinking about your beautiful fur coats and how to care for them in the summer time. It is why we want...
  • Make Your Own Fluffy Furry Slides

    Posted on March 23 2017

    Make sure to stay covered with glamour and luxury all the way down to your toes!  You can now bring your own slides to our atelier as we offer a...

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